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New Members please fill out our Membership Application form before paying your application and subscription fee.

To renew your membership please click on the relevant Membership type.

You will then be taken to our completely secure credit card payment facility.  No one, apart from the bank, will have access to your credit card details.  When you have completed entering your details click on the ‘Buy Now’ button.

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Increase from 1st April 2020.

Annual Subscription

New Member application fee
1st Payment £115.00*



Retired Members (all grades):
Annual Subscription


Upgrade of Membership (any grade):
Application Fee

Re-instatement Fee



(UK)Student: Annual Subscription 2020 only

(Oversea's)Student: Membership application fee 2020 only

New Student Member application fee    




Associate Member: Annual Subscription

New Associate Member application fee   
1st Payment £85.00*  



Non Member Subscription Libraries/Universities etc:
Annual Subscription


Fellowship Subscription etc:
Annual Subscription


Hard Copy Certificate

Replacement Certificate



* The application fee covers the administrative cost of establishing eligibility for Membership and is not refundable.

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